How I’m cultivating wonder in a world obsessed with productivity

Wake up, make breakfasts, shower, dress, work, house chores, homework, prepare dinner, clean up, Netflix, bed. Rinse and repeat.

Throw in a few variations for the weekend and special occasions, of course, but the pattern is basically the same: plow through home, work and parenting tasks as efficiently as possible…

Here’s my criterion on whether or not to write about painful, personal experiences

Whether you’ve been writing for a day or a decade, you’ve probably run across this popular advice: write about what you know. We’re told to dig deep and share our experiences, our struggles, our lives.

Personally, I’ve found this to be true, especially here on Medium. Stories where I share…

It’s tempting to offer these words of “comfort”, but there’s a much better way to support someone going through a tragedy.

We’ve all been there. We’re sharing a particularly painful or confusing experience with a friend and our struggle is met with the almost-inevitable cliché, “well, everything happens for a reason.”

The phrase, while almost always well-meaning, effectively shuts down the conversation.

Instead of encouraging an authentic, possibly-helpful dialogue, the adversity…

Believe me, I wish there were an easier way

Empathy is quite certainly enjoying it’s day in the sun.

It’s the trending trait, with everyone rallying around and talking about how important it is. You can find online quizzes, articles, books and more around this current hot topic.

All for good reason, of course. Empathy is what connects us…

Linda Smith

content creator | creative | coffee-enthusiast | Enneagram 9

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